Saturday, August 29, 2009


Happitudes: things you're happy about and feel gratitude about at the same time.

1. Went to the plastic surgeon yesterday for my follow-up and he says I'm healing just great. I'm over most of that awful exhaustion, too.

2. My cousin Janine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Isaac on Wednesday.

3. My niece Natalie had a stellar first week of first grade.

4. My gorgeous 6-year-old niece Evelyn became a gorgeous 7-year-old this week. (And your slacker Aunt Janelle is going to call you this weekend, promise!)

5. My husband went to the grocery store with me (number 13,000,000 on his "favorite things to do" list) and loaded the bags into the car and then carried them into the house for me.

6. It's supposed to cool off next week. (Hallelujah!)

7. I've read two good books in the past week...after months of duds.

8. My brother's dreadfully infected toe is all healed up.

Got any happitudes to share?