Sunday, June 08, 2008


One last blast of red for "I Saw Red" week:

So many people participated in "I Saw Red" that it's become a little flickr group of its own called "Shades of Inspiration." This coming week's color is green. I've put in a little button over on the side, go check it out and join in!

Todd has been out all day deep sea fishing with his friend Dave--he said he'd have to catch a LOT of spadefish to make the gasoline worthwhile, but he enjoys it so much, it's worth a splurge.

I've been home cleaning out the fridge, tidying my study, doing laundry and working on putting all my printed-off recipes into page protectors and into a binder with tabs. I don't know why the perfect recipe storage system is so elusive--I've been puzzling over one for years! I think this may work...the page protectors will be perfect for all the things I find on Allrecipes and the Food Network website. And maybe I can get some photo page protectors for the little cut-out recipes from magazines.

I believe some of the people who stop by here have small addictions to scrapbook paper. I won't mention any names. Look at the wall treatment I found on a very nice blog called Storybook Woods:

That's just scrapbook paper from a coordinating pad taped together in strips and then taped to the wall! Doesn't it look great?

I personally have enough paper to create wall treatments for half of Hampton Roads!