Thursday, December 15, 2011


I did another big catch-up this morning...after mailing ALL my packages and picking up a couple of Christmas gifts. I rule Christmas. So far, anyway.

Day 13 is about music--I used a picture of my new red memory stick dedicated solely to Christmas music. A 4x6 photo goes in the front:

And the journaling goes on the back:

Day 14 is about gifts...I took a photo of the gifts under the tree (before they went into boxes) and added a neat sticker I found at the post office. I thought a USPS sticker might be a nice memento in ten years when we're back to sending smoke signals and telegrams because USPS is no more.

Day 15 is about visitors and visiting. We'll be receiving guests this year rather than being guests. I'm okay with that, except it means I need to clean my house in a big way.

Just got a big box from Amazon plunked onto the front porch by my awesome mailman, so I'm off to wrap presents and maybe have a cup of tea for my scratchy throat.