Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dramatic clouds.

This was the view out my study window late this afternoon. We went from 70 degrees yesterday to 32 today. We had some really wet snow flurries, but nothing that stuck. These clouds show that something was moving through, for sure.

I've spent the day working on Fiskars projects for a Paper Crafts supplement for this fall. Weird to be thinking about back-to-school projects! You'd think I'd be used to working six months ahead by now. Anyway, the first two have gone way smoother than I feared they would. I have two more small ideas in the works. Then I think I'll start planning for the October Paper Crafts call. I am anxious to jump back into the regular submittal routine, since I've been out of it for quite a while. Every now and then I think about branching out and trying for some design team work, but the magazine stuff is so nice. Good pay and exposure, and I can pretty much create whatever I want. It works well for me.

Last night I heard a sound I haven't heard in ages: a "plink, plink, plink" coming from Todd's study up the hall. That means he was playing online poker (the plinks are the sound of cards flipping), and that means that life is slowly returning to normal after our big move! For almost two months, he's been busy with projects, but this week we hit a point where leisure time is coming back. Oh, there are still boxes around and millions of things to attend to, but Todd is finding time to fish and play poker now. It's a good sign.