Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drains are OUT, what a relief! I am not one to use exclamation points all willy-nilly, but I'm going to throw in a few more to show how much better it feels to have those things gone--!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I go to get my stitches out, too.

I have a bad sore throat. I think it's from having the tube down my throat while I was out, and also from sleeping on my back with my mouth hanging open in the air-conditioned house...if y'all could cross your fingers that it will go away fast and not develop into something unpleasant...? I would so appreciate it! I'm going to ask at the doctor's tomorrow about it, too, maybe it's one of those common things. No fever, it just hurts when I swallow. I'm drinking lots of fluids, so I'm swallowing a lot.

The girls are getting itchy as all get out, which is a good sign, from what I've read.
The doctor barely gave them a glance today, so I assume that means they're okay. At least he didn't recoil and gasp in horror, right?

I'm still tired and sleeping every chance I get--and very bored in between. Lots of crosswords getting done here, and not much else. I seem to have just about enough brain capacity to fill in letters on a crossword puzzle, but not enough to read anything more demanding than a magazine or a book I've already read before.

I can't say enough how grateful I am for all the love and concern I've gotten by way of Facebook, the phone, the U.S. mail, and face-to-face, too...thank you all so, so, SO much. I am really doing great and still feeling amazingly good.