Friday, July 24, 2009

Out in the world.

My friend Cheryl took me in to get my stitches taken out today and then took me for lunch at Red Robin--aah! Sunshine! People! Activity! Conversation! And salad! What a pleasure!

Now all I have to do is sit back and relax until my check-up next Thursday. And try not to itch. And maybe go out and search for a bra that fits right. And getting a decent night's sleep would also really help.

I keep having these very long, involved, intense dreams with lots and lots of detail and storyline...I'd blame the pain pills, but I seem to have them no matter whether I've taken a pill or not. So my nights generally run like this:

Sleep for an hour or two, get up to pee, look at the clock and heave a sigh, lay back down. Wake up after a dream that feels like a Cecil B. DeMille movie (hours long with a cast of thousands,) get up to pee, look at the clock and blink in disbelief because it's only an hour since the last time I got up. Go downstairs, put in a movie, lay down on the couch and repeat the process for the rest of the night. Urgh, it's tiresome.

And a couple of the dreams have been really upsetting--there was one about the death of someone I love very much, which seemed to go on FOREVER and was so real, I still feel like maybe it happened, in the back of my mind.

So it would be great to lay down on my tummy and sleep hard the whole night through with no dreams, and wake up feeling rested. But other than that, and the itching, I am doing awesome. The sore throat's mostly gone, and everything is as it should be with the girls. Thanks, Cheryl, for getting me out of the house today, I really needed it!