Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My nephew Angelo during a recent trip to visit us. Posted by Hello

Sing a song of June

I hate it when people have birthdays at the very beginning of the month, because by the time I realize the month has changed, it's way late to send a card. Case in point, my aunt Molly who will be celebrating a milestone birthday tomorrow. The card goes out today because June snuck up on me. As did May, April, March...this whole year is speeding by in record time.

My aunt Molly is one of those gifted people who knows how to make a house a home. When I was 6 or 7 years old, she and my uncle John bought an old brick schoolhouse in the countryside and spent the next 20 years or so remodeling it and making it into a house. But it was always a home, even when there wasn't much money at first to fix all the things that needed to be fixed. There was always room for my siblings and I to have tea parties with our cousins, and books to curl up with and read; there were always photos and knickknacks and treasures appealingly arranged. I have always felt welcome at Molly's house.

And she, along with all of my aunts, always made me feel treasured and valued, too. Molly has such a soft heart for kids and their needs and wants. I love seeing her with my niece Kylie--they have a little song about a squirrel that is their special song to sing together, complete with hand motions. Molly is one of the people who taught me how to be an aunt and how to cherish the little people my siblings have blessed me with.

One of those little people is due to arrive this month, too--another fact that snuck up on me with the month of June. My brother's second child will be making an appearance this month. The other night I dreamed they had a boy (which I am secretly rooting for) and named it Towando Brian Raymond...and a couple other names I can't remember. I was appalled and arguing with them--Towando? Towando? They always keep their baby names a secret until the baby comes, so I guess I was worried deep down that they've chosen something awful for this baby. LOL.

So here's to calendar is full of events and deadlines already and the month has barely begun. And I'm starting off the month sending a belated birthday card...this doesn't bode well, does it?