Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another Saturday night.

What a pleasant day we've had...I did laundry and worked on projects all day, and Todd worked in the garage all day. After supper we went to Borders and I got a book and some Todd is watching a movie, and I am trying to distract myself from my headache by doing some light online putzing.

[This headache is becoming a problem...I don't know if it's eye strain or TMJ or sinus or some combination thereof, but it is AWFUL. And it won't go away.]

Thought I'd post the only decent picture I got last weekend...this is my brother's daughter Marissa with my sister's daughter Kylie. I love this shot, because these two girls are kindred spirits. Kylie was a super-active, super-independent, crawling, climbing, exploring baby--and Marissa is very much the same. Both are the second-born kids in their families, coming after more compliant, over-achieving, people-pleasing older sibs. I could immediately see the connection these two made with each other, now that Marissa is old enough to really respond to people. Love these girls!

I got three small projects done for the Fiskars insert today, and a fourth larger project about half done. I have two more projects in mind for tomorrow, and that should be plenty. I also need to make a few cards for various upcoming birthdays and get-wells. I wish I could lop off my head so I could think clearly, but I guess that would sort of defeat the purpose.