Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beach memories.

I've actually been scrapbooking for the past couple of days...I did a 8x8 album with pictures of the various beach trips we took last summer, with each of our nieces and nephews when they came to visit.

This book is so simple, it makes CM-style look complex, but I'm okay with that. I just pulled out the white inserts that came with the album and used those for my pages I'm still not happy with how my handwriting looks on a page--I like my handwriting, but I've gotten so used to "perfect" computer journaling that my handwriting just doesn't look right. Also, I always run out of room and end up with weird spacing.

ANYWAY...here's the link to a few more random pages at my Two Peas gallery page. It runs like a slideshow; just wait for a moment and the next will come up. I left out all the pages with blocks of handwriting, 'cause they look so messy!