Monday, June 15, 2009

The unveiling.

Well, it's been--what, four months, five months? since we started redoing our guest bathroom, and I think I'm finally ready to show it off. The delay has mostly been because I couldn't figure out what to hang on the walls, and waiting for Todd to make a new door for the medicine cabinet. 90% of the job was done ages ago!

Just for fun, here are a couple of pictures from the day we took possession of the house (December 2005.)

We replaced all the wooden--wooden! in a bathroom!--fixtures almost immediately: towel bar, TP holder, and that nasty toothbrush holder under the medicine cabinet went away and never came back. Boy, were they gross. We put in nice new nickel towel hooks, towel ring and TP holder.

In January 08, we finally got around to replacing the light fixture over the sink--I don't think I have a picture of the original, but it was one of those long strips of wood with the giant bare bulbs sticking straight out of it. Very chic.

Here you can also see the notorious ducky wall paper border that I hated so. Wow, I almost sort of miss those ducks.

Ha! No, I don't!

Finally in February we moved the guest bath to the top of our long "home improvement" list, and here's what we did:

-painted all the trim a nice crisp white
-scraped off the wallpaper
-painted the walls Laura Ashley Sage
-put in a new floor, and new white quarter-round, and sealed it all up good
-painted the vanity box white
-made new doors and drawer fronts, painted them white, and added new hinges and drawer pulls
-put in a new countertop and faucet
-replaced the mirror (because we broke the old one trying to re-mount it!)
-replaced the medicine cabinet and made a new door for it
-sewed a new shower curtain (courtesy of my mother-in-law)

Now it looks quite lovely, if I do say it myself:

You can see that the medicine cabinet door has yet to be painted...I kind of like the natural wood, but I'll probably be painting it white sometime this week, along with the doors for the master bath vanity.

The floor is a little bit more yellow-brown than I thought it would be from the sample in the store, but it's still a major improvement on what was there before. And I've been trying to find the purple bathmat that goes with the towels at Kohl's but no joy yet, so it's the brown one from the master bath for now.

It's so nice to have a room that you walk into and feel good about, isn't it? We have done so much to this house, but so often all you focus on is how much there is yet to do. It's good to look back and know that we got it done and made something ugly into something pretty.

Now on to finish the master bath--we've been surrounded by paint cans and rollers and tubs of spackle in there for far too long!