Saturday, December 03, 2016

Waiting and receiving.

For December 2, the theme is generally Advent-related, although as always, class participants are able to stretch the idea as far and wide as they choose. I generally do stick to Advent, since that has been an important part of many Christmases for me, and I decided to use the cover of my Advent devotional for this year. It's a really good one so far.

December 3 is about a remembered special gift. Gifts are one of my love languages, and I often do remember things I've given and things I've received, but Christmas gifts are a little hazy in my memory. Plus, I've written about most of the stand-out gifts in past journals. But yesterday, the memory of a certain coveted pleated blue tartan plaid skirt came into my mind! I've lost contact with the friend who gave it to me, but I hope she remembers it fondly, too, and the times we wore our matching skirts to church.