Friday, January 27, 2006

Good for the soul.

I'm in love with another man. I've never met him, but he fulfills my needs in a way I've never experienced before. His name? Trader Joe.

I wrote about my wonderful Farm Fresh grocery store a couple months ago, but we've moved now, and it's too far away for the drop-in visit now. I miss it so!

But Trader Joe's which opened here in December, just happens to be placed right in the middle of the 20 minute-trip from my new house to work, if I don't take the highway, which I do some days.

It's a small store, but it's chock-full of organic fruits and veggies, exotic frozen dinners, frozen organic veggies, cereals, crackers, delicious chocolates, rices and pastas and hormone-free milk.

Right now I'm snacking on Chocolate Raspberry Sticks, which are two bites of sheer heaven. I stopped by this afternoon to pick up some Emergen-C fruit drink, which my realtor told me helps stave off colds, which I feel like I am getting merely a month after my last cold from hell. But chocolate is good for cold prevention, too, right?

The rest of this afternoon, I'm going to work on my first album for a three-week, three-album online class by Shimelle Laine. I was thinking about taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, after Beth showed me her adorable mini-album she made in a class there, but then I got to poking around on Shimelle's site, and I decided to try that one first. It's a class called DoneNDusted. I am so much in need of some small, completed projects that will allow me to do whatever I want, in a new vein. My creativity has been at a low ebb, and unfortunately, now that I feel it slowly stirring back to life, my time is also at a low ebb. I am dying for just one day, a single day, with nowhere to go and no one to talk to. Is it even possible??? I used to have those luxuries all the time, and too much of a luxury is definitely a bad thing, but now I'm too far at the other end of the spectrum.

Off to play for a precious little bit...