Monday, November 02, 2009

Today I...

...waved good-bye to Todd's parents as they headed back home to Ohio.

...watched "The Big Bang Theory" on DVD while folding laundry.

...perused the Christmas decorations at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

...came *this close* to buying a Sinatra Christmas CD.

...started Travels with My Aunt by Graham Greene.

...listened to Mozart on the public radio station.

...smelled roses, coffee, chocolate, apples, bread, nuts, pears, and spicy candles all at the same time at Fresh Market.

...plotted a chicken soup for supper to use up leftover roasted chicken and roasted vegetables from the other night.

...smelled wet leaves in the front yard and on the driveway.

...swept up wet leaf crumbs from the foyer for the umpteenth time.

...pondered what to get all the nieces and nephews for Christmas (or "ThanksChristmasgiving" since Todd's family is combining the two this year, cutting my gift buying time down to--yikes! Three weeks!)

...wished for just a smidgen of sunshine.
Just a smidgen would be fine.