Sunday, July 08, 2007


We are back from nine days in Ohio...I didn't want to mention we would be out of town here since you never know who's reading, but now we're back in lovely 100-degree Virginia. How I missed it. Uh...wait a minute, no I didn't.

We had a great visit with a large assortment of family members, rode in my father-in-law's pontoon boat, played cards with my niece and nephew, played badminton, pushed various nieces in swings, had lunches and dinners with some of my various aunts, swam, read, fished and otherwise vacationed. It's tiring to try to cram a year's worth of quality time with many people into one week, but I did my imperfect best, as usual.

One major missed photo op: my very first fish ever, caught with my niece Gianna's Barbie fishing pole. I ended up catching and releasing 12-15 little bluegill off the dock, quite a milestone! It was certainly the perfect fishing situation for little kids or impatient adults--you basically dropped your hook in and reeled in a fish!

Anyway, we're home and I'm tired. I'll check in later, hope everyone had a super holiday.