Thursday, July 21, 2005

Budding artist

This beautiful picture came in the mail yesterday--it was created by my seven-year-old nephew Tanner.

Last month, I sent home a big box of cardstock, stickers, markers, and other doo-dads culled from my own supplies and also from goodie boxes I've gotten from manufacturers. I thought that Tanner and his little sister Kylie might enjoy having a box of craft supplies to while away the summer with.

Well, from all reports, the box was a big hit. I sent along a letter that said, among other things, that they needed to be sure to clean up after they were done creating, and that all the craft supplies needed to go back into the box when they were done. Because I could just see my sister after the umpteenth time of cleaning up paper scraps and leftover stickers--"Thanks so much for sending me more crap to pick up!" LOL.

But my sister reported that the day after the box came, Tanner's little friend came over and was immediately escorted to the goodie box. "Dude, wait till you see what I got!" They sat and made paper airplanes for an hour, and then my sister heard Tanner getting out the broom and dustpan. She told him it was fine, he didn't need to sweep up, but he replied very seriously, "No, Aunt Janelle said we had to clean up when we were done."

Hee hee. Nice to know somebody listens to my directives!

So Tanner made me a few pictures and my sister sent them along with a videotape of T and K and their spring and summer doings. I just love this picture. Doesn't it look Picasso-esque?