Thursday, July 28, 2005


I've been meaning to post this column by Jacey Eckhart, who writes for the Virginian Pilot, a local paper. It ran on Saturday and I read it while were eating lunch at the PMS Deli in Virginia Beach. I had to go buy a copy of the paper so I'd have it to keep! I thought maybe some of us creative types might like her thoughts on finding empowerment in the things we're good at.

I actually e-mailed Jacey and told her how much I liked what she had to I feel that scrapbooking is often belittled and undervalued, and yet I have been so enriched by the skills I've learned. Doors have opened for me that I never would have thought possible, all because I picked up a scrapbooking kit at Target seven years ago. She e-mailed me back to say that scrapbooking was actually what she had in mind when she wrote the column!

Not much else of interest is happening here. Busy at work, nothing interesting. I've got a million projects I should be leaping into here at home, but I come home and just want to hang out and waste time. And it's hot. Hot. HOT!

Eh, the heck with it. Off to bed and a book.