Thursday, December 03, 2009

Catching up.

I climbed into bed feeling very sleepy, but then realized I was not. I hate it when that happens, it's like a false start in a race.

I found this $3.00 sheet set at an estate sale a few weeks ago, after searching in vain for cheap sheets at every yard and estate sale for over a year, and these sheets were worth the wait. They are the softest things I have ever felt. Far, far better than the scratchy sheets I broke down and bought at Kohl's a couple months ago. These sheets feel like rose petals. Every so often as I lay (lie?) on them, I think about the fact that I am laying (lying? neither one sounds right) on a dead woman's sheets, but I try not to dwell on that fact. I hope she'd be glad I'm enjoying them so much. They make climbing into bed so pleasant.

We spent three days last week in Columbus with Todd's family and three more days with my family in northeastern Ohio, plus one day each for coming and going, and got home Tuesday evening. I am still working on catching up--got the laundry done and now I need to buy a big pile of groceries tomorrow.

Plus putting away the goodies I found at an auction on Saturday and at the antique stores on Monday. I often don't have time for vintage shopping while I'm home, so I was glad to have a few spare hours to find great deals.

I was concerned about catching some Ohio cootie and ending up sick, but Todd was the one who developed a cold over the weekend. We had the following conversation in church on Sunday as we waited for the service to start:

Me: I'm so sorry you're feeling bad, sweetie.

Him: Well, it's better for me to feel bad than for you to feel bad. It's much better this way.
Much better.

Me (after a short pause wherein I realize that my husband is subtly telling me that I am such a pain in the butt when I am sick that he'd rather be sick himself than put up with
me being sick): Well, NOW I feel bad!

He's still sniffling and sneezing but seems to be feeling a little better.

I am looking for some good pictures to share from our Thanksgiving with Todd's family, but he seems to have secreted them in a file some place that I can't find. Here are a few from what's left on my computer:

We exchanged our Christmas presents on's my father-in-law with my niece Anna, opening my present to him (a small scrapbook with pictures of him and the grandkids):

My nephew and nieces chowing down on pumpkin pie:

My mother-in-law admiring the frame Todd made for her:

When I find the rest I'll share a few more.

It was a really nice trip...we did the ThanksChristgivingmas (as I call it) thing with Todd's fam and took a family portrait at Sears; we got in a smidgen of Black Friday shopping in the snow; we froze our feet and noses off at a rural estate auction; Todd and my nephew Tanner helped Todd's folks with some of their moving; I took my niece Kylie to see the Disney "Christmas Carol" movie; I visited my grandma at the nursing home; and I had a nice lunch with my mom and my aunts Molly and Carol, with a couple hours of shopping with my mom afterward.

I got a bit of a late start on my 2009 Christmas journal, but I'm caught up now...I'll share those pages tomorrow. Right now seems like a good time to watch "Elf" again while I wait to get sleepy.
I sat down just now to write a blog entry, upload a bunch of pictures, pour out all the splendid thoughts in my brain...and I've got nuthin'. I am blessedly empty-brained today; it's quite relaxing. The last couple weeks have been so busy, and I've still got a long to-do list, but for a second I am just sitting here with no thoughts except how much brighter it is in the living room now that all the leaves have fallen from the maple and hawthorn trees out front.

I'll try again when the thoughts have started flowing again.