Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wall art.

Such a cold, dreary, rainy Saturday! Todd went to a fishing promotional thing at Bass Pro, and I drank tea and read and dozed, and then I got off my butt and put together my wall art and had Todd hang it up, and then I made blueberry-orange muffins.

Wall art: I bought a children's book at a sale or flea market or somewhere last summer that had great pictures of seashells in it, with the intent of photocopying and framing some of the pages...I finally bumped it to the top of my to-do list last week.

I had to order the mats, because Michael's doesn't cut mats in its framing department any more. When did that happen? I used to be able to go in and have them cut a mat while I waited, I'm sure of it! Plus, they were far more expensive than I'd expected, so I only got two instead of the four I was planning.

So here's the headboard and the area around has been needing something on the walls, but I haven't been sure how to arrange it. So the seashell pictures are hanging on the right, I had Todd hang 'em up for me.

(Eek, naked bed! It was laundry day today!)

You can see that the area to the left is encroached upon by the curtain rod, curtains, and window, so a symmetrical arrangement isn't really possible. Do you think one more seashell picture over on the left would be a good balance?

Or would you make two more seashell pictures and hang them on the closet wall that adjoins the first two, mirroring them? So it would be an arrangement of four in the corner.

In which case I would come up with something different to hang over the left side of the bed. I think we can all agree that area needs something.

Here's a close-up of the pictures themselves, sorry the second one is crooked, but it was well above my head:

I'm very pleased with how they came out--they look much better in real life. They really dress up my little corner, with the lamp on and my books on the nightstand and my cozy blankets and pillows just waiting for me to hop in:

I've got more seashells to frame, so do let me know where you think they should go! I could put one on either side of my dresser mirror, too...decisions, decisions...