Thursday, January 24, 2008

More pictures.

Continuing with the time travel, back to October briefly, and Todd's parents' fall visit:

Here's Todd and his dad hanging out and no doubt hatching up some plan, as they always do:

And Todd's mom cleaning up the dinner dishes. Aren't I a great hostess, making the guests work? Actually, we've worked out a plan when they visit, wherein I do the cooking and she does the cleaning up--it's beyond wonderful. At least it is for me--I hope it is for her! I think she enjoys not having to cook, and I totally enjoy not having to clean up.

In November, we went to visit my brother and his family, since we wouldn't be seeing them at Thanksgiving. My brother is a fanatical geocacher, so we went out into the woods one day to look for a couple of caches.

Here's my SIL Tracy and my niece Natalie (I love Nat's little red Crocs!):

My brother digging for the treasure:

Me and Miss Marissa:

We never did find the cache in this pile of rocks:

More later!