Friday, March 17, 2006


Oh, what a change a week makes! Here are our flowering backyard trees now. So gorgeous.

If anyone can tell me what these trees are, I'd be most grateful. They're taller than almost any flowering tree I've ever seen, except for the sour cherry we used to have in the front yard when I was growing up.

Isn't our yard heavenly? I can't wait till the trees at the back leaf out, because then it will just be stunning. I have so many things I want to try in this yard...landscaping, and little pretty spots scattered about, flower beds and'll take years to get to it all.

The yard is full of birds right now, fluttering around, building nests and screeching at each other. I think some mourning doves are nesting in the magnolia beside my deck. This yard is my favorite thing about the house...I hope we can make it live up to all its potential!