Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sweet and Adorable.

Look at this cutie pie! Hard to believe she'll be two years old next week.

Yes, I am still scrapping, wonder of wonders. Feels nice.

I'm going to add her weight/length stats as soon as I get them.

I dislike doing "new baby" layouts, because the hospital isn't really conducive to good light and nice photos, and for the last four kiddoes, I haven't been able to be there to get newborn pics, so I have to rely on photos that aren't mine. I hate that!

Anyway, I still need to do the baby layout for my niece Anna, who will be three this month, and re-do the layout for my niece Gianna, which I did four or five years ago and seriously dislike...and then I'll be all done with newborn photos. Sigh! I don't like newborn layouts, but I sure do like newborn babies. I wish I had one to hold and sniff (and then give back) right now!