Friday, November 17, 2006

My Friday.

I have just about had it with this perpetual headache. I don't know if it's an artifact from my cold of two weeks ago, or if it's just some new delight my body cooked up for me, but I am so OVER it! It's cramping my style, not that my style was all that hot to begin with.

I had my first guitar lesson yesterday, and now I can play E, F, and G on the first string. I am quite proud of myself.

Took seven bags of groceries to the food bank drive that one of our local radio stations is running this weekend. I'm still Grocery Gaming after 14 weeks, and my stockpile of cheap groceries is so large I can donate all that and not even miss it. Kind of nice.

The Office was great last night--I wish every episode was "super-sized." They can get in so much more funny stuff that way. I love seeing Pam get her comeuppance from Jim...she blew him off so much last season, it's time for her to be the one wearing her heart on her sleeve. And oh, how sweet for Jim to be promoted over Dwight and Andy...too, too perfect.

That's about it. It's too hot here and I am feeling totally paralyzed thinking about Christmas and what needs to be done. Ho hum!