Monday, January 19, 2009


The time has come to say good-bye. So, guys...

...For all that you did.
...For all that you didn't do.
...For all that you did and pretended you didn't do.
...For all that you didn't do but patted yourselves on the back for anyway.
...For all that one of you did while the other was oblivious.
...For all that one of you did while the other pulled the strings.
...For all that you ignored, neglected, manipulated, obstructed, hid, scoffed at, and just plain screwed up.
...For all the power grabs, bogus invasions, signing statements, late-night Justice department phone calls, facial shootings, malapropisms, record deficits, wiretappings, waterboardings, vacation days, and deleted e-mails.

For all these things and more, we'll never forget you guys.

Even though we wish we could.

Don't let the back door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

A winner!

When you get up on Monday morning and your first task is to get that last closet door painted, the one you've been putting off for four or five months, and then you can't find a paintbrush you move on to the next task, which is to vacuum up the Christmas tree needles and glitter flakes from the tree and ornaments you took down three weeks ago, and the vacuum blows a circuit breaker ten seconds me that's fate's way of saying, "Janelle, forget all this pesky housework and go do your blog giveaway."

So Brittney, my Canadian friend, congrats!!! You win the magazine, the notecards, and anything else I can find around here and shove into a big envelope. (Be afraid, be very afraid.) And thanks, everybody else, for stopping by and entering. I like having visitors here, even if my blog isn't quite the most fascinating or stimulating thing on the Internet! And now I have some new friends' blogs to visit, too, so thanks!

More later...I have to get back to my household tasks and see what else will go awry today. Maybe I can chop off a finger and get out of housework forever!