Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday night catch-up.

I wanted to post a few pics of some of the stuff I got last weekend, but I can't find the camera battery. So here are some pictures already on the memory card...I plan to make a layout with these and call it "The Power of Sun."

This is a mixed pot I bought from my favorite nursery, the Flower Pot, last October. The owner was very proud of these pots, because he'd mixed two violas and a pansy with some sage and thyme--all plants that would make it well through our mild winter. The combination was really different.

I had the pot on our north-facing, shaded porch all winter, and it did okay...then we moved to this house and the pot went onto the south-facing porch in full sunshine almost every day--and it just exploded with flowers. What a pleasure to have flowers growing at the front door in January and February!

I know this will post funky with all the different pictures, but I can cross my fingers anyway.

In other news, we've had a couple scary health events in my family lately. My grandma fell and broke her hip a week ago while vacuuming. She'll be 86 in May, so it's a serious thing. However, the doctors were very optimistic, got her right into surgery, and she's already up walking with a walker and doing physical therapy. Because she's stayed active, her chances of healing were greatly improved.(note to self: get off butt and start exercising!)

She'll be in a skilled nursing facility for another week or two, but so far so good. She and Grandpa have had a hard couple years, but they are so determined to live on their own for as long as they can. It's hard, but I can't really blame them.

And Todd's sister Lisa called today to say that our niece Anna had also been in the hospital for a couple nights this week. Seems that she's had an allergic reaction to something--they're not sure what, but she erupted in a horrible rash after getting an antibiotic shot for a lingering ear infection. She came home today, but they're still waiting for the rash to subside. And it looks like she'll be getting some pinpricks with an allergy panel in a few weeks. Poor baby--she's only 20 months old!

I am recovering this weekend from my second D&C in eight months...I was actually looking forward to it this time, because I knew it would involve a nice nap, a day on the couch, and those great heated blankies the nurses put on you. I was really looking forward to the heated blankies! I felt great yesterday after a day of sleep, and I felt okay today, too, but tonight my tummy hurts a little. Nothing too bad, though.

I stupidly agreed to do another last-minute project for the Fiskars insert, knowing full well I was having surgery this weekend, but I think I got it mostly done today, so that's a relief. Tomorrow I want to get it approved if the Fiskars girls are checking their e-mail this weekend, and type up all my instructions and supply lists so everything can go in the mail Monday so as to arrive Wednesday.

Every week I think, this will be the week when life goes back to normal and I can relax a little, but I think normal may be least the normal I used to have. We're still working on the house in dribs and drabs--Todd moved the living room around for me last week after a prolonged whine on my part, and it looks much better. The huge TV is in a corner now, where it doesn't dominate the room as much. The couch is now angled across the living room to face the TV. It fills the long narrow room a little better, I think, and now maybe I am ready to start hanging all these pictures and shelves that are clogging the floors!

That's all for now.