Monday, March 23, 2009

This week...

...this is the Big Project:

I will get this bathroom done in a timely manner, I will, I will...!

(And let me be clear that the filth on the wall was there when we moved in and has proven impervious to scrubbing--so I hung a cabinet over it. Now I'm gonna paint over it!)

While I work, I am singing along with this:

I got this set up the way I want:

I'm putting together this:

...for an Easter basket's going to be really pretty when I get it done!

Reading this, and not sure if it's worth it:

And there's always, always this, isn't there?

When I get to heaven, St. Peter's going to hand me a full laundry basket, I just know it.

And now I have to go scrounge up some dinner out of this:

I've been trying to get us to eat up everything in the freezer, and we're truly down to the dregs now, though it may not look like it. Not much besides frozen stock, waffles, and random ancient bits of meat. And lemon ices.

Hope everybody's having a happy Monday!