Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Blog for Relief Day

Today is a day that bloggers in seven countries have set aside to post information about their favorite charity that will be providing relief effort for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

There are dozens and dozens of organizations that will be doing what they can for the Gulf Coast...the one I picked to spotlight in my blog today is Mennonite Disaster Service, the North American relief service of the Mennonite Church. Mennonites around the world work for peace, justice and healing, and MDS is already mobilizing to provide help to the Gulf Coast. I'm a little biased, but Mennonites are just about the hardest-working, most-dedicated, givingest people out there, at least the ones I've been privileged to know, love, and be related to. They will do a good work with your donation, so please give. Thanks!

For suggestions of other charities, check out this list at Instapundit.

For weeks and months, I have been in the biggest complaining, whining, bitching and moaning mood...upset about a bunch of little things in my life that felt big and overwhelming. I've expressed some of that here in my blog. Katrina delivered a much-needed slap in the face and a dose of reality about how lucky, fortunate and blessed I am.

The need and the horror are just overwhelming...I feel very much the way I did after September 11. Worse, actually. Let's all stop and think about what we can do to help--even a simple blood donation is a valuable gift. We have a chance to pour out love and comfort on our neighbors--let's do it!