Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A new year in a new house.

My friend Beth stopped by the store yesterday and said--"I keep checking your blog but all I keep seeing is 'Glory to the Newborn King!' How about an update?" My friend Beverly has also dropped some gentle hints that I'm falling down on the job as a blogger. It's kinda nice that someone actually wants to hear what I have to say.

Well, it's been three or four weeks of busy, that sums it all up pretty well. We closed on our house two days after Christmas, and began painting right away. I had tried to post a few house pictures here that week, but it was far too frustrating. I'm not really happy with the user-friendliness of Blogger. Or maybe I should say the idiot-proofness.

Painting, taping, painting, taping...then packing, packing packing. We were doing one or the other for three weeks. Our new living room is now buttercream yellow instead of off-white. Our new kitchen and dining room are apple green instead of white. Our new bedroom is a warm cocoa color, rather than the yellow it was before. Nothing wrong with yellow, but I had a different vision for this room!

And our studies are teal green (mine) and a soft forest green (Todd) instead of gray. What kind of person paints rooms gray? And this wasn't a nice classy warm gray, like my sis-in-law Julie's downstairs rooms...this was institutional depression gray. They look ever so much better now. Paint makes a world of difference for sure, even if I never want to lift a paint roller again.

I will have to, though, and soon...I have three bathrooms and a foyer/stairway/hallway yet to paint, as well as the garage, which smells of dog so badly, we both want to barf every time we enter it. And since I'm currently doing laundry out there, that's a lot of nausea.

We moved the last box out of our condo on the 15th, and two days later I ran over to let in the carpet cleaners. When they were done, I left my key on the kitchen counter, took one last look around and left forever. Such a bittersweet moment. I really loved living in that community and that condo. And I knew I was heading home to a house filled with boxes!

We've been living in the new place for almost three weeks now. Stuff is still piled everywhere--mostly the stuff I have no place for. We lost a coat closet, half a utility closet, and at least a few more square feet of general closet space in this move, so I am trying to come up with ingenious storage solutions. Not much luck so far.

Anyway, I'm trying to wrestle my life back into order and routine, so I'll pick up my blog again and head into 2006. Feels nice to make a fresh start.