Thursday, May 10, 2007

Janelle needs...

This is too stupid and fun a pastime not to share, although everyone's probably seen it on other blogs by now. I just spotted it tonight. You go to Google and type "[yourname] needs" and copy the first ten sentences that sound right or are funny. My list is greatly aided by the fact that there is/was (?) a person named Janelle on the show Big Brother who apparently spawned a lot of Internet discussions. And I even found some blogs from other Janelles who've done the same little game thingy. Weird to think of other Janelles out there, using my name all willynilly.

Janelle needs to win. Janelle needs to take one for the team. (sounds ominous)

janelle needs a liiiifffeee!

Janelle needs an investment banker so that way she won't have to steal what she wants. (that's what I tried to tell the judge, but he wouldn't listen!)

Janelle needs a perm. (not ever again in this lifetime)

Janelle Needs To Keep Her Buxom Level Down (I would if the insurance would pay for it!)

Janelle needs new panties. (true dat, but I'm in denial over the necessary size increase)

Janelle needs to start participating. Soon. By tomorrow... or else.! (no thanks, I'll just sit over here and smile pretty.)

Janelle needs some better allies. (totally)

Janelle needs to face up to either choosing Kevin or a child if she wishes to have her marriage restored to what it was when they said I do. (ummm...? Yikes!)

Janelle needs to go - the sooner the better. (yep, it's late and I am off to look at magazines in bed!)