Friday, June 01, 2007

Bouquets and house stuff.

I was gazing at a bouquet of roses I clipped and set on the coffee table yesterday, and it got me to thinking about my wedding bouquet. Or more specifically, about my florist, Rosalie Kurtz, who did such a wonderful job for our wedding, and gently steered me in the direction of affordable flowers, which is a rare trait among florists, I believe!

My bouquet was pretty standard: cream roses, white and pink daisies, pink carnations, baby's breath, ivy. We had pink and burgundy tulips with the daisies and ivy in the altar arrangement, and brass bowls of daisies with candles in the middle in the windows. Our colors were burdundy, mauve and cream, very early-nineties.

Looking at wedding bouquets online, I see so many gorgeous things that would have been wonderful for our wedding, esp. this peony which is exactly the right color. If we'd gotten married in June, instead of May, we could have raided all the family gardens for a plethora of peonies. Wouldn't that have smelled wonderful!

My aunt Molly has fond memories of the lily-of-the-valley she and her sister picked from Grandma's garden for her early May wedding. My mom had daisies, which I think were mandatory for late-sixties' weddings.

It's fun to think about what you would do over if you got married all over again, but my standard bouquet certainly served the purpose. What flowers and colors did you have in your wedding bouquet? Write a post and share!

In other news...Todd took before-and-after pictures of the house last weekend, and it just makes me laugh, because after all his hard work, is a difference even apparent?

The front of the house was quite dirty, and all the white trim had mildew spots on it that developed over the winter, so he scrubbed and washed all the whole front of the house. Then he painted the garage door and shutters. I had thought the paint chip I picked was a very dark blue...turned out it exactly matched the unfaded back side of the shutters, which was only three or four shades lighter than the shutters. So my hoped-for dramatic difference didn't really materialize.

However, when we look at it, we see the difference--it's all sparkly clean, and not so faded and sad-looking. Todd did a great job!