Monday, June 02, 2008

I saw red.

Sara at the Sadie Olive blog is doing an "I Saw Red" week, where you keep an eye out for red things and share them every day. Red is my favorite color!

Here's what I saw today.

Wonder what I'll spot tomorrow?


I have just a couple of pictures from the last few weeks to share. My brother's family came to visit for Mother's Day weekend. It was cold and blustery, but we went to the park anyway:

...and we took a walk along the beach. No swimming, though!

They're coming to visit again in a couple of weeks, and as hot as it's been here, I think we'll have some good beach weather for them.

Our wedding anniversary was May 23, and Todd took the day off so we could go to Elizabeth City, NC and do some antique-hunting. I printed off a list of bookstores and antique stores, but it was all quite drab and blah.

But they do have a marina:

...and some nice shady streets to walk along and look at the old houses. We don't have too many old homes here in Newport News (and they're mostly not in places where you'd want to take a stroll) so that was a treat.

I really like the last one...I love crusty old carved things. Other than the stroll, and a nice lunch at a local nursery that had a little restaurant, Elizabeth City was a bust. But it was a stunningly gorgeous day, and we had fun being together. We treated ourselves to our regular anniversary dinner at the Biergarten in Portsmouth on the way home, so it all ended well!