Sunday, December 06, 2009

Holiday prep.

Todd and I had a really fun day together today...first we worked on cleaning up the front of the house, raking leaves, etc., and then we started working on the Christmas lights.

At some point on our holiday travels last week--I think it might have been in Columbus--we saw a house that had a white-lighted star with strings of colored lights radiating down from it, and we both liked the look. So Todd cut lengths of scrap pine and made a star.

We attached it to the front of the house and ran some colored lights down from it. Then it was time to get cleaned up for part two of our day--Hampton University's concert of "The Messiah."

We went last year and enjoyed it so much we decided we should make it a tradition. It was wonderful this year, too, although they unaccountably left out one of my favorite bits, where the baritone soloist sings "And the trumpet shall sound..." Last year the singer gave me goosebumps, he sang it so beautifully.

But the choir was in terrific voice this year, and all the soloists were great, too. As we were walking back to our car afterward, there was a lighted boat parade on the Hampton River, with sailboats and yachts all lit up with Christmas lights. If it had been a little warmer, we might have lingered to watch the whole thing!

Then we had a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and then drove through a few neighborhoods on the way home to look at Christmas lights, but not many people have them up yet. (Actually, it seems to me that fewer people put up Christmas lights here in southern VA than in other places we've lived...I'm not sure why.)

Then we took the back way around to our house so we could see our handiwork for the first time:

Ooh, aah! We were quite delighted with ourselves.

I think we need some more lights on the porch rail and such, and Todd wants two more strings coming down from the star, but I bet neither of us will find the time/energy to accomplish that. I'm amazed we got done what we did. Outdoor Christmas lights always befuddle me--I admire people who go all out and have gorgeous displays. This is by far the most ambitious we've ever gotten!

Then it was time for some chai tea and now Todd is watching a movie while I catch up on my computering. It was a great Sunday.