Saturday, May 31, 2008

The winner!

We have a winner! Mandy, the Herbgirl of Calendula Court, was the one whose name came out of the teacup. I'm not sure that's comparable to pulling a sword out of a stone, but Mandy will let us know if any unexpected crowns come her way, I hope. Congrats, Mandy!

Thanks so much to everybody else who stopped by, and I hope you'll come back when you get a chance. I'm really looking forward to a long summer of blogging! 'Cause it'll be too hot to do anything else!

Also, if anyone knows how to put together a blog header or knows someone who can do it well, drop me a comment. I'm willing to pay, I just really want something nice. Something vintage/beachy, blues and creams. Let me know!

I made a few yard sale scores today, I'll share those later!