Monday, March 02, 2009


Well, I tried to post this morning but I couldn't view the blog, so that was kind of pointless. Anyway, here are some pictures from our "big" snowstorm:

It's a lot easier to get psyched about snow and cold when you have electric power and can have hot tea and heat blowing out of the vents. Unfortunately, our power went out at 10 PM last night, so it was a mite chilly when we got up this morning. Thank goodness for the fireplace--that kept me warm till I had to venture out to see the eye doctor at 9:30. And when I got home at 10:30, the power was back on. Which is wonderful, because it's even colder tonight. I'm not sure how much snow we got in kept snowing most of the day, so maybe 3"? But we'd had rain the whole day before, so there was a little ice under the snow, which was treacherous. Yeah, we're weather wussies here.

It was just such an "off" feeling day--I didn't sleep well because I didn't have my fan blowing white noise, and so I got up at 5:15 with Todd, and then I had to drive on snow and ice, which was very odd, and then I got some trial contact lenses at the eye doctor, so I wore those for a few hours and went around completely disoriented, and then I got a headache from being disoriented, so I lay down in the mid-afternoon after I took the lenses out, and then I woke up when Todd came through the door and we ate dinner late because I hadn't started it yet. Just a very out-of-the-ordinary day.

Not sure about the lenses yet--I still think I look better with glasses. And the disorientation is unpleasant. Todd says it gets better--he really likes his. I'm willing to give it a week, anyway.