Saturday, November 07, 2009

Estate sale finds.

We went to a couple of estate sales this morning, but the pickins' were slim. I got:

Last week, my mother-in-law was crocheting some clothes for my niece Anna's tiny baby doll (named Pinky Pie) and I was just pondering how sweet tiny baby dolls can be. So when I saw this one for very cheap I picked her up. She needs a bath and her dress and bonnet need cleaning and mending, but she's the perfect size to tuck into a corner and enjoy. I'll tuck the needlepoint picture into a corner and enjoy it, too!

I'm not really a huge Santa lover, but Santa mugs always make me smile. And my friend Cheryl spotted the Emily Post book first but let me have it. Now that's a real friend!

Todd found a cord for his weed whacker (hm, that sounds kind of twisted) and some woodworking magazines. So all was well and a minimum of money was spent. Then we came home and tackled the master bathroom floor, which is glued in place now. Hurray!