Monday, June 19, 2006

Where I've been.

We waved off the last of our June guests yesterday morning. Todd's sister Lisa, her husband Tony and their girls Evelyn and Anna were here for four days, and we had a super time.

I was eager to spend some one-on-one time with the girls, especially Anna, who is almost two. Distance and work have really limited the time I've been able to spend with her in her short life, and I wanted to make up for that this weekend.

Anna is busy, busy, busy, but we did have some fun moments blowing bubbles and digging in the sand. We worked on naming "Aunt Janelle" and "Uncle Todd," and she completely amazed us, as they rolled down the driveway yesterday morning, by waving and saying quite clearly in her two-year-old dialect, "Bye, Aunt Janelle! Bye, Uncle Todd!"

Evelyn was my sidekick all weekend, which was great. I've spent a little more time with her, as she's almost four, but it's been few and far between, and she's always been a tiny bit shy with us. That was completely gone this weekend, and we colored with crayons and sidewalk chalk, tossed the soccer ball around, blew bubbles, had tea parties, cooked together, and watched DVDs together. She's just a pleasure to hang out with.

Evelyn and Anna at the Yorktown beach:

The weekend before last, my parents, my sister Jenita, and her kids Tanner and Kylie paid us a short but action-packed visit. Dad had been promising the kids that he'd take them to the ocean this summer, and they were beyond excited. We went to Sandbridge beach, and I have never seen two kids have more fun than they did. Tanner and Todd jumped in the waves, and Todd showed Tanner how to boogie-board. Kylie looked for clams and crabs and other critters, and did a little small-scale boogie-boarding, too. It was such a fun day!

I'm having technical difficulties posting pictures all of a sudden, so I'll finish updating later. Stupid Blogger.