Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wed. stuff.

I'm afraid I need to clarify something from my last post...I don't want the zombie bear for Angelo. I want it for ME. Yes, I am a shameful excuse for an aunt. He can have a zombie action figure or something--I want the bear!!!
I want to pull out its intestines and stick them back in. Plus, it could keep me safe at night from the zombie squirrels and rabbits that assuredly prowl the back yard.

We went to an estate sale last weekend and I picked up a couple of things:

This pin box (love the prim little lady) which leaks tiny pins all over the place every time I pick it up...and...

A McCoy planter and a vintage Christmas tree cookie cutter, which is one of the few vintage (handled) cookie cutter shapes I didn't have, yay, and...

This light green wool blanket which I fully planned to felt and chop up to make little stockings and tree ornaments, but which now seems too nice to do that to--decisions, decisions...

The Raggedy Ann doll sitting on the blanket, I found at an early spring yard sale--she is exactly like my own much-loved Raggedy Ann that I got for my third birthday, except that she's not filthy dirty and she still has all her clothes.
Poor old dirty naked Raggedy Ann is tucked safely away in a box with other childhood treasures.

I took this picture for an album of fall pleasures I am contemplating adapting from a Two Peas class, since spicy candles are a big fall pleasure of mine. These are from Wal-Mart and some of the Peas were raving about them, but so far I'm "eh" on them. At least they were cheap! I like the Glade candles a lot...they have a pumpkin one that's really great, and the apple cinnamon one is nice, too.

I've probably mentioned this before, but my chronic Ohio homesickness gets worse in the fall. Ohio is very blustery, apples-and-pumpkins, gorgeous leaves--it's the perfect place to be in the fall. We have a few pumpkins here and there, but no good apples, the leaves don't get really nice till Thanksgiving, and it's supposed to be 85 degrees tomorrow.

So I'm racking my brain trying to think of some pictures I could take to illustrate fall pleasures. Maybe I'll just concentrate on making Halloween cards instead--time is getting short! How I love Halloween!