Saturday, February 03, 2007

My guy.

The Two Peas blog challenge today:

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, what attracted you to your DH/SO?

My DH and I were extremely young when we became friends and fell in love--I was 17 and he was 18. From this vantage point it seems impossible to find a soulmate at that age, but that is what happened. In the 19 years since then, I've never met anyone who could hold a candle to him.

So what attracted me to him? He was--and is--super smart, which I love, and he was--and is--a fantastic listener. Interested in just about everything, optimistic and willing to tackle almost any challenge. And he's a real wiseass, with a dark yet goofy sense of humor. Throw in big brown eyes with long lashes and a round little butt, you've got the perfect guy. For me, anyway. I'm very blessed.

God bless the Dutch...

...who grow these gorgeous gems of color and ship them over to us to rescue us from the February doldrums.

I do have the doldrums today, though--or maybe the grumpies is more correct. Just generally feelin' grumpy for absolutely no good reason except that I have so many things I SHOULD be doing that I don't WANT to be doing.

And it's not simple cross-it-off-the-list accomplishments, it's stuff like: Eat right. Lose weight. Sleep less. Move more. Be cheerful. Call people. Clean the closets (which may sound like a cross-it-off-the-list item, but which spawns any number of other chores, which spiral into a black hole of household chaos.)

You know, all that life change stuff that you can't just do once, but that you have to decide to do. Every. Single. Day. Over and over for the rest of your life.

Stuff I was determined to tackle, once and for all, in January, and now it's February and I haven't tackled any of it. Where does the mojo come from? Am I trying to re-invent too many things about myself? Is it expecting too much to turn from a lazy slug of a person into an upright citizen who eats salads and goes for walks at the crack of dawn and flosses her teeth faithfully?


In other news, I found a charming yet overpriced green gingham platter at the thrift store this afternoon:

And a handmade pottery mug in just the right color for holding brushes or pencils in my study:

There were two there by the same creator, and this was obviously the second attempt, after the creator got the hang of what a mug is shaped like and how big the handle needs to be!

Todd is playing paintball today and I think that's why I feel so at loose ends. Also this is the first weekend in a month that we haven't been traveling or had company. Funny how that punctuates your weeks, and then a free weekend feels so directionless.

I'm going to try to muck out my study now, wish me luck.