Friday, July 29, 2005

Looking kinda...something.

I was getting ready for work one day this week and I thought I looked mighty cute. I had on a square-necked pink sleeveless top, white capris and my J. Crew flip-flops. So I grabbed the camera and tried taking some full-length pics in the mirror.

I just now got around to uploading them, and sadly, the full-length photos merely informed me in no uncertain terms that while I was slightly cute, it was in a very fat way. So away those pictures go. Be gone, fat pictures. *poof*

However, I thought this one was kinda...something. I look a little glassy-eyed because I was trying to concentrate on holding the camera still. But there's no pictures of me in existence where I look this serious. I
thought it was kinda...something. No, I don't know what I mean by that. I guess it's just an unusual shot of me, and I think the hair and make-up are about as good as they ever get. Now I just need to get me some new glasses...

Cutie pie

Just thought I'd share this chipboard frame I made for the Paper Crafts call that ended Monday. No sale on the frame, but I did get a request for a pet sympathy card today, so that was nice. It will be in next February's issue--so hard to fathom we're making stuff for 2006 already!

The frame is an 8x8" piece of chipboard covered with patterned paper. All the papers are from Junkitz. The photo corners and heart are from Heidi Swapp, and the twill is from Scenic Route. The back has a chipboard prop glued to it so it can stand on a desk. I guess it's more of a free-standing scrapbook page than a frame, but it's loosely based on a similar idea that Me and My Big Ideas was selling a couple years ago.

That's it from me...I have been in a poopy mood for a couple of days and I don't want to inflict it on my adoring public. (Snort.)