Sunday, January 04, 2009

On the move.

Ahhh, I'm finally coming out of my stupor of sickness, and it feels so good!

Today I decided to take advantage of having Todd's dad here and have him and Todd rearrange the furniture in my study. I had to take everything off my big bookshelves, clear off my desk, move it all across the hall into my bedroom, and then they came in and did the heavy lifting.

Then I started bringing everything back in, pausing for occasional coughing fits. All the dust didn't help with that!

I still don't have it all put away yet...that will take a while. I have to go through everything, toss stuff out, re-pack some of it, re-organize more of it, etc. etc. And hang stuff and all that. I got my comfy chair all nestled into the corner, though, and it looks nice.

Tomorrow I'm cracking the whip again and they'll be taking down the outdoor Christmas lights and putting the tree and ornaments in the attic. Hee hee! (*rubbing hands with glee*) Men are so darn useful!

I also listed a huge stack of cookbooks on PaperbackSwap. I realize that I turn to the Internet now whenever I'm looking for a cooking idea--Allrecipes is my stand-by site. And I need the space the books are taking up. I still have plenty left, don't worry!

Then I'm going to empty out all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and figure out where things need to go now. I have stuff busting out of everywhere, and I know I don't need some of it. And some of it might be able to go somewhere else, too. Although it feels like all I do in this house is move things from one storage spot to another, trying to find the perfect place.

Speaking of the Internet supplanting you think I should get rid of my paperback thesaurus and my big hardback dictionary? I check the Merriam-Webster and
sites automatically now, before it ever occurs to me to check the actual books.

I love January. I love starting out the New Year getting organized!