Thursday, February 01, 2007

More Thursday thoughts.

I heard about a website last night called LibraryThing, where you catalog all your books and can browse other people's libraries, get suggestions, form groups, etc.

I'm still trying to figure out if this is worth messing with. The anal-retentive part of me relishes having a nice neat list of all my books...however, this would take AGES to compile. I just entered a few off the top of my head last night and I'm already up to 74 books. The tip of the iceberg, I assure you.

What's really scary is that I've purged my library at least twice in the past year and gotten rid of a good 150-200 books. And you'd never know it. And I suspect there's a box or two that never got unpacked from the move, because I've thought of several books lately that I know I didn't get rid of, yet can't find.

With all that said--is it really worth cataloging such a fluid collection, where I lose 'em, trade 'em in for new ones, and generally just stack 'em around in little piles?

I dunno. Here's the link to what I've entered so far, though.

I pulled out a Dave Matthews CD and listened to it today, after hearing one of my faves on the radio this afternoon. I don't think Before These Crowded Streets is very well-thought of by the devotees, but I like it. He does go on about death, though, doesn't he? I haven't listened to DMB in ages and ages--it's so funny how an album can pinpoint you to a specific moment in your life. You hear it and it's like you were there again. I'm glad that's not really true.

It smells so FABULOUS outside, I wish I could bottle it up and save it for one of those drippy humid stiflingly hot days that's coming just as sure as anything, and sooner than I'd like. We got a dusting of snow today, which turned to rain, and it's just cold and wet and clean-smelling outside. The kind of air that makes your nose shrivel up inside when you inhale it. Yum.

Thursday thoughts.

If I couldn't procrastinate, I couldn't live. Tons of stuff to do, and I sit here in front of the computer.

A new episode of The Office is on tonight--hurray!

My brother wrote a funny bit in his blog yesterday--check it out and see that madness does run in my family.

Time to go clean the kitchen and strum on my guitar a little bit before my lesson.