Friday, May 30, 2008

The "Cottage Charm" Giveaway

Last May, Kim at The Twice-Remembered Cottage set up a big blogger's giveaway, and it was a lot of fun. I'm getting in on it this year at the very last minute! The theme is "Cottage Charm," and there are 49 participating blogs so far, each and every one giving away something fun. Go here to see the list--there are so many great blogs out there to visit, and maybe you'll find some new favorites.

All you have to do is post a comment here and I'll put your name into the drawing. And you don't even need to wait that long--the drawing is tomorrow, May 31. My lovely assistant will pull a name at, oh, let's say 6 PM, to give everyone a little more time to get here.

Here's what you'll be receiving (click on the picture for an up-close view!):

--the July 2008 Romantic Homes magazine
--a sweet vintage red-and-white saucer from Syracuse China
--a "Home Sweet Home"-scented Yankee votive candle
--a packet of Flower Garden Mix seeds--this has calendula, cosmos, zinnia, delphinium, and rudbeckia in the mix, to name just a few.
--a gratitude journal from Running Rhino--this is so pretty. It closes with a velcro flap and each page has a quote and a pale green garden sketch on it, flowers, birds, etc.
--a box of Stash tea bags. I included a pomegranate/raspberry green tea in the picture--if this doesn't float your boat, you can request mango/passionfruit herbal, blueberry herbal, chai green, chai black, or decaf chai black. (I hit a sale!)

Just post a comment here, and please include your e-mail address if you don't have a blog, so I can track you down if you win!