Friday, May 25, 2007

Inspiration Friday.

Some of my favorite blogs do an "Inspiration Friday" with pictures of home decor ideas that have gotten their blood racing recently.

Last week, I picked up a few stacks of mags at the thrift store and spent a blissful Saturday afternoon ripping out the things I wanted to keep. Since our focus right now at our house is on the porch area, here are a few porch and deck ideas I liked:

I need something cute to put next to the front door, and this ladder is SO cute!

I don't have enough room on my narrow front porch for all this stuff, but I love the mishmash of items, and all the red. I'm afraid if I had a lot of stuff on the front porch, however, it would look less "country cute" and more "white trash chic." You have to have the right house and neighborhood to pull off that look, don't you think?

Our back deck is not detached, but we do have a large expanse of bare deck with benches around the edges. I love the way this deck looks!

And then part of our back deck is covered, with nothing much on it. I'd love to make a little room like this back there!

A couple weeks ago, I spotted a metal baker's rack at the thrift store that I thought would be perfect to put next to the front door as a combo potting shelf/display area, a lot like this. But the rack was so outrageously priced, I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Anyway, this stand is really similar to what I had in mind, though mine would be heavier on the "decor" and less utilitarian looking. I just have to find the right rack!

One day left!

Yes, one day left to sign up for the Cottage Charm Giveaway. I have two prizes to give away, in honor of my blog's two-year anniversary, so follow the link and check out the pictures, then leave a comment to be added to the drawing. Thanks to all fifty-odd of you who have signed up so far--it's been great "meeting" all of you and checking out your blogs!

If you're in the mood to sign up for some more treats, and in the mood to find some wonderful new blogs to peruse, please check the official Cottage Charm Giveaway participant list at One Woman's Cottage Life. Kim's blog is a treat in and of itself, so be sure to devote some time to reading about her home projects and great ideas.

I'll be drawing one name for each prize at 6 p.m. EST Saturday, so you still have...oh, 27 hours or so to sign up if you haven't yet. Good luck!