Saturday, November 22, 2008


I was at Michael's yesterday and found these little papier-mache birdhouse ornaments on the clearance rack.

Last night I sat down while Todd snoozed in front of the fireplace and I covered then with Basic Grey Wassail papers. Then I added some Melissa Frances stickers, a few notions and a liberal dose of Martha Stewart mica glitter, and of course, Stickles glitter glue.

I can't decide whether to attach ribbon loops to the top or just leave them as is, but here's where they sit until I decide...

I put some fresh pyracantha berries and leaves in my little pitcher, and added some rosemary and lavender sprigs. Smells good.

Over and out.

Stitched in Time.

I doubt that she needs my paltry publicity, but Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy has a book called Stitched in Time that just came out a couple of weeks ago, and I picked it up, I confess, in order to fill out an Amazon order and get the free shipping. I'm glad I did, because it's really a sweet book. It has lots of simple sewing projects for gifts, home decor, and holidays, most with the theme of capturing a memory in a non-scrapbook-related way. She makes a lot of use of those fabric sheets you can run through your inkjet printer and print photos on--one of my favorite projects is a very simple pillow made of sixteen 4" black-and-white photos stitched together in a patchwork. It's eye-catching with a black piping around the edge.

She also spotlights a softie designed from a child's drawing, a stuffed heart garland, a felted wool tote, a laundry bag, a growth chart, a patchwork quilt made from baby clothes, and lots of other projects. The projects are sort of like what you'd see in a Martha Stewart magazine, but more colorful, more old-fashioned, more for real people who don't live in mansions in the Hamptons.

What's especially wonderful about the book is Alicia's warm writing style and her fantastic photos. You can tell she put her whole heart into the book. She has written thoughtfully about her memories, as she does in her blog. One paragraph about some pillowcases she sewed for her father shortly before his death, and his response to them, was so lovely it made me cry a tiny bit.

I just got the book, so I haven't tried any of the projects and can't speak to the accuracy of the patterns or directions, but I see a number of things I'd like to try and think I can make, even with my extremely limited sewing skills. Plus, it's just a very pleasant book to curl up with. I recommend it! And Alicia, I think a cookbook should be next on your list.