Thursday, April 05, 2007

These are the days of miracle and wonder.

We have a special treat in our backyard every spring--lots of violets scattered around in purple clumps. So pretty and delicate!

The violets are surrounded right now by pear tree petals that have blown around like snowflakes for the last few days. The trees are green now instead of white, but here's what they looked like a few days ago:

And the dogwood in the back yard is blooming, too:

I wish we had some forsythias or azaleas--something with a little color. I've been admiring the neighborhood's flowering shrubs, so gorgeous. Maybe I can plant a little something in the front yard that will impress us next spring.

And now the green leaves are coming out, which is the happiest moment for me. There's just nothing like seeing those tiny green buds grow and seeing bare branches become green. Spring is such a happy time!