Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy scrappy stuff.

The challenge at Two Peas today is to blog about something in your scraproom that makes you happy. Here's a couple of things I enjoy:

I've had this poster for 10 or 12 years...I bought it in Idaho. I've had it in several homes and on several different walls since then, but it looks the best on my teal wall here.

I got this wall vase and silk flowers at Jo-Ann's and stuck them in a corner that I thought needed livening up. Seems like they get lost here, but I do like the way they look.

I think my mom got this old jar for me, and I've never found the perfect use for it until I realized I could keep my ribbon odds and ends in it. I have a rack for the spools and the really long pieces (wound onto paper towel rolls) but those little snippets needed a home. I like the way they look in here.


Here are the cards I created for my "at home" class last Friday. Kay, Pat, and Rosalyn all came, and we had a terrific time. It's so much more fun to teach at home than to teach for a store, where you have to use the stuff they carry and want to sell. Teaching for myself, I can grab and use anything that catches my eye, as long as I have enough of it!