Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiny tree.

I took a picture of my little tree today for the Christmas journal.

We usually put up our 6 1/2-foot pre-lit tree, but I needed to rearrange the living room to make room for some of the company we'll be having over the holidays, and there wasn't really enough room left for a big tree. So I dug out my little old 3-footer and put it on a small round table with a vintage Christmas tablecloth pinned around it in lieu of a skirt.

One nice thing about a little tree--they take a LOT less time to get decorated! I'm in awe of people who decorate two, three, four, even more, trees for Christmas. I can barely summon the oomph to get one up and done!


It got so COLD here last night! I can't seem to get warm today, either...I'm about ready to search for my electric throw blanket, which I don't think I've used more than once or twice since we moved to Virginia. My feet are frozen!

The kicker? It's 37 degrees outside. I mean, that's cold, but not really COLD. Unless you're a transplanted Northerner who's become a weather wussy. Like me.

Here are days 8-10 from my Christmas journal.