Monday, July 27, 2009

One week with new boobage.

So one week ago at this time, I was sitting in the recovery room at the hospital feeling very grumpy and dazed.

I weigh seven pounds less than I did a week ago, four pounds of that being breast tissue and the other three from not having much of an appetite most of the time.

I discovered that Wal-Mart is THE place to go for soft squishy bras--and that Todd is an awfully good sport to go there and come home with an armload of them for me to try. I hope he didn't get weird looks from the checkout girl.

Actually, Todd is an awfully good sport in general...he has hosed me down in the tub, washed my hair for me, helped me try on bras, checked to make sure things were looking okay when I was too grossed/freaked out to check for myself.

Right now I still have dissolvable stitches inside me, and a whole train track of incisions being held together with steri-strips all around and over the place. Hence the need for very soft bras. My job now is just to wait for everything to heal and for the steri-strips to fall off, which could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

I am really glad to have this first week over with! I'm feeling very unusually sore today for some reason...I don't know if I overdid it yesterday (but how can you overdo it when you're sitting on the couch?) or if I slept weird last night but I stretched something that didn't want to be stretched, that's for sure.

It's a little bit hard to be patient with the soreness and the tiredness, and with not being able to do everything I want or even need to do, and with being generally quite bored, as I still seem to be unable to concentrate on a book for any length of time.

On the other hand, I am just so grateful that everything has gone so smoothly, the surgery, the recovery, everything has been better and easier than I dared to hope it would be.

Off to find some lunch!