Monday, January 21, 2008


A few quick pictures:

Here's our former guest bath light fixture. We're re-doing this room a piece at a time, and this nasty wood-and-bulbs vanity light needed an update:

And here's what we replaced it with. (We put this same fixture in our master bath, too, replacing a vanity light so cheap and ridiculously ugly that it wasn't worth recording in photo or in words!)

Todd is on a ladder in the first picture, replacing the ceiling fixture as well, but it is so basic that it didn't seem worth getting a picture of it. The old one was brass with a frosted squat globe and the new one is white with a bulbous glass globe. Picture a boob made of ribbed glass, complete with white metal nipple. and you'll have it. We went dirt cheap for the ceiling fixture since I, for one, never look at it.

Did you notice the ducks? The undoubtedly-gorgeous-in-1987-but beyond-ugly-in-2008 ducks in the
wallpaper border up top?

Aren't they cute? No? I don't think so, either. I've been threatening them for two years, and their days are numbered. I just have to get the arm power back to strip them down, but when I do, oh, down they'll come.

The floor is no friend of mine, can see it on the left, and then the flooring I've picked to cover it on the right:

I know, as I plan these changes, that in another 20 years someone will be ripping out all our hard work and declaring how ugly it is--but that's okay. How else would the home improvement stores stay in business?

So the guest bath will be going from brown and tan, with ducks, to sage green, soft yellow and lavender, with lots of vintage girly stuff. Here's my prototype shelf:

I don't have everything arranged how I want it yet, but it's my inspiration area. Someday it will look just perfect in this bathroom, instead of odd and misplaced!

More pictures later!