Saturday, September 03, 2005

Five Things About Me

I got tagged to do a list--I feel so privileged! Mimi passed this challenge along to me:

Five Random Things About Me:

1. I was number three in my high school graduating class--I married the guy who was number two, the little turd.

2. Pie is my favorite food. Any kind of pie, it's all wonderful, but my very faves are apple pie with lots of spices, key lime pie, and coconut cream pie.

3. I have 20 cousins and I'm the oldest of them all, on both sides of my family. Almost exactly 20 years separate me and my youngest cousin.

4. I went to the National Spelling Bee in 1984, when I was 13 years old. Dropped out the afternoon of the first day on the word "ceraceous." (It means "waxy.")

5. I love 1950s sci-fi movies. Classic movies of all kinds, really, but I have an especially soft spot for those aliens and space monsters and mutants that everybody thought were coming to get us 50 years ago.

I think I will tag Bev and Suzanne with this. It'll give Suzanne a chance to bring her blog up to date! LOL!

Thanks, Mimi! *smile*

A moral challenge

I never ever thought I'd quote Al Sharpton in my life, but that's what he said on CNN today...America is facing a moral challenge. I think he's right. How we respond to these people in need will say a lot about what kind of person each of us is.

In my compulsive Internet surfing, I've come across so, so, so many groups and organizations that are scrambling to provide aid. Individuals, too...several Peas at the Two Peas board are volunteering at the Astrodome and other shelters in Texas.

I wanted to share this e-mail I got today from the craft designer guild discussion group I belong to. I know there aren't many of us who can whip up a quilt, but I know for a fact that I have a linen closet full of sheets and blankets I don't need. Maybe you do, too.

To quilters everywhere:
The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast is
beyond belief. Here in Houston our hearts are heavy with sorrow
for all the horrible losses, and we are preparing to welcome the
thousands of refugees that are being bussed to us because they
have lost their homes or have no access to whatever is left of
their homes. Like so many other people, we want to help.
Therefore, we are launching a two-part drive for Hurricane Katrina
relief, and we urge you to join us in this project. We're calling

PART 1: Urgent Donations to the American Red Cross Disaster
Relief Fund.
IQF will match EVERY donation made by quilters to the American Red
Cross, up to a maximum of $10,000, on a dollar for dollar basis.
In other words, if you make a $25 donation, we'll match that with
another $25 donation. If you make a $100 donation, we'll match
that with another $100 donation, right up to the maximum. To avoid
delays in your donations reaching the Red Cross, and because we
have trusted quilters for more than 30 years now, just email us
with the amount of your donation that you sent to the American Red
Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Every penny of every donation--up to
$10,000--will be matched by International Quilt Festival. You have
my word on that. Please use this email address:
and use the subject line: RED CROSS DONATION.

Many thousands of the Katrina refugees are being sent to Houston
RIGHT NOW, and no one knows how long they will have to be here.
Most of them escaped the hurricane's fury with only the clothes on
their backs--nothing more--and they may have absolutely nothing to
go home to. They don't even know. The Astrodome is ready as
temporary housing, but there is a serious shortage of bedding.
Part 2 of QUILTERS COMFORT AMERICA is the collection of quilts of
all kinds to be distributed to the refugees here in Houston so
that they have something soft to sleep on instead of the hard
concrete floors of the temporary shelters and something warm to
cover up with against the chill of otherwise welcome
air-conditioning (we've been in the 90s and 100s for weeks now).

If you have some that you don't have plans for, send them, as
long as they are no smaller than baby quilt size. If you are a
professional, you may have sample quilts that have become
shop-worn or faded but are still clean and very usable in an
them!--we are IN an emergency! Be sure to put a
label on the back of your quilt or sign it with a kind thought and
your name and date. Every piece will go to a refugee family driven
from their homes by the hurricane.

To participate in QUILTERS COMFORT AMERICA, send an email to (subject line: COMFORT AMERICA) to let us know
how many quilts you are sending. That will help us help the Red
Cross in its planning. Please do not expect a confirmation that
your quilt has been received or any kind of nice thank-you.
Sometimes we just have to do things because they are the RIGHT
things to do--this is one of those times. People need help...the
kind of help WE can give.

Use this address to send your quilt/s and bedding:
c/o International Festival
7660 Woodway, Suite 550
Houston, TX 77063
(Please note: for security, do NOT use the word 'quilt' ANYWHERE
in your address label or they may be stolen!)

Many of us have also amassed linen closets full of old but
completely usable sheets--perhaps a size you no longer use, or
juvenile prints that your college age kids don't like anymore.
Clean sheets and blankets are also most welcome to QUILTERS
COMFORT AMERICA. Naturally, everything should be clean and fresh.
These folks have lived with enough mud and dirt to last them the
rest of their lives--let's give them a clean bed to rest in.

Quilt Festival will serve as the collection point for quilts and sheets,
and we will deliver them DAILY to the American Red Cross
staffing the refugee centers in Houston, where they will be
distributed by the Red Cross volunteers. Because we are right here
in Houston where more than 25,000 of the refugees will be, we can
make a difference RIGHT NOW...if you'll help.