Friday, November 09, 2007

Halloween book.

Here's the Halloween book I made in my friend Beth's class last month. I finally got the last tidbits I wanted to use the other day, so I finished it up.

I started the book in class, but ran out of time, so the first few pages look sort of like what we did in class, but then I went on and did my own thing on the rest. And then I went back and added in some of my own papers and the Halloween card reproductions and faux vintage postage I got from Artchix Studio. And I fiddled with it and fiddled with it and now it looks very little like the book we did in class! But Beth came up with the fantastic Making Memories papers and shapes and stickers, and created some of the journaling blocks and embellishments herself. I think she should open an Etsy shop and sell them!

Thanks for the awesome book, Beth--I have had so much fun playing with it!